Bar and Restaurant Seating

There may be a lot of emphasis on walls, flooring and the bar area of your restaurant or café/pub but the seating deserves just as much of your focus. Certainly, it’s the item of your fit-out that the customer is going to get closest too – quite literally. So, it’s important to ensure your commercial seating doesn’t just look good, but that it also feels the part.

Making the most of materials

And that means using quality materials with textures and colours that clash brilliantly, or co-ordinate beautifully, with your overall design. Real leather with faux leather being a good alternative if you’re on a tighter budget – work exceptionally well for booth seating. It’s that quirky 50s look all over again. But getting bang up to date, plain and smooth faux leather seating also looks great in a bare industrial design space.

To create a cosy atmosphere in your restaurant or café seating with a wool or tweed and viscose mix fabric adds warmth while if it’s more of a fresh or shabby chic look you’re after, then seating with a pastel-coloured textured vinyl and patterned cotton cushions would do the trick.

Seating with style

Having fixed seating in your commercial interior can prove a brilliant space-saving device – especially if you opt for booth or bench seating. Or why not have both? That way you offer your customers the option of intimacy and the chance to dine and socialise with a large group of friends, family or colleagues. Mixing up the seating also adds variety to your interior, and you can use it to casually zone off certain areas, such as the bar or eating area.

Seating can prove so stylish it can become a central part of your commercial design. Circular booth seating, for instance, is always popular – thanks to the fact it’s still not commonplace. The round edges of the booths help soften up a square or rectangular space. Or, how about some large circular bench seating with tables inside the circle? This design works particularly well in nightclubs or bars with large groups of co-workers meeting up for a drink and food after work.
Booths, especially those with high-backed seating, are perfect for an intimate, romantic meal with a loved one. Or again, ideal for a nightclub when a bit of privacy is the main aim.

A seating service with substance

So, if you’re looking to create a stylish seating area for your restaurant, café, pub or nightclub, and looking for a creative twist, then do get in touch with the team here at Steampunk – We cover areas such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and have a well established reputation throughout Scotland. We can plan, design and manufacture the seating for your next fit out so that it creates a talking point with customers. Not only that, we’ll make sure you maximise space which, in turn, should also help you maximise profits.

Available Seating Styles

bar and restaurant seating

Booth Seating

Forget subdued lighting, give your customers a cosy feeling of intimacy with your new booth seating. Created in a variety of styles, sizes, colours and materials, our booths can be finished to co-ordinate or contrast with your existing commercial interior design. Friends, couples and families love this style of furnishing. And we can understand why. It’s perfect for all types of environments, such as restaurants, nightclubs, cafes and bars where friends and family get together to relax, dine and chat.

Booth Seating

Traditional deep button back seating

There is just something about Chesterfield seating that adds a touch of luxury and high-class to room. And the type of deep button back seating we produce here at Steampunk is no exception. Give your customers a sense of grandeur by offering a classic form of seating in your upmarket bar, restaurant or café.

bar and restaurant seating

Back-to-back booths

Give your commercial interior an original Fifties feel with our back-to-back booths. These are ideal if you don’t have a lot of space in the interior of your café or bar since they slot in beautifully together. And they’re not just reserved for mid-century design, of course. They look fab and stylish in any environment. Cover them in a striking material and colour for a contemporary look. This seating tends to come up to shoulder height so there is still a feeling of ‘openness’ and being part of the café or restaurant as far as your customers are concerned.

Booth Seating

Vertical folded flute seating

Great for cafes and bars, vertical folded flute seating looks impressive with its faux leather surface and modern fluted design. This type of bench seating makes the most of space in a less roomy environment and appears even more contemporary and striking in a choice of bright colours.

Wide flute seating

Rather like having a seating back of narrow, large squares, our wide flute seating is the elongated version of narrow flute seating. It’s more unusual than the latter so excellent if you’re looking for something ‘a bit different’ for your interior. This is yet another excellent means of clever space saving, especially if you order wide flute seating in bench form for your restaurant, café or bar.

Circular booths

One of the styles requested most by our commercial customers, circular booths don’t just look great, they’re also ideal for making sure no-one in the party gets left out of the conversation. Quirky and fun – and a little like being in a static Waltzer carriage – circular booths enforce a feeling of naturally wanting to huddle together. Perfect for nightclubs and bars – and ideal for winter!

Shaped horizontal flute seating

Add the impression of length to a small café or bar with bench shaped horizontal flute seating. It also looks incredibly stylish. Alternate the horizontal faux leather stripes with different shades to create a colourful contemporary appeal. Or, double the height of the back for a truly unique and eye-catching look to your commercial interior design.

Diamond stitch back seating

One of our personal favourites due to its undoubted contemporary appeal, diamond stitch back seating is a year 2000 update on the button back or fluted booth type seating. Order this fabulous seating style in a bright, modern shade to guarantee extra funkiness for your restaurant, café or bar interior.

Wingback booths

Add a touch of grandeur and fabulousness to your seating with our large wingback booths. Quirky and stylish with just that little extra bit of privacy, these are particularly popular in night clubs and upmarket bars. Upholster them in faux leather, fabric or any material that adds to your current commercial interior. You may even need a reservations policy; so popular will they prove!

Dimple back seating

Dimple back seating has been a favourite of interior designers, café and restaurant owners for decades. And there’s a reason for that. Comfortable, stylish and with quality quilting and buttoning to recommend it, this is a well-loved form of seating that is, to be frank, difficult to beat.

Picnic benches

Very quirky in a commercial interior, picnic benches are practically the contemporary equivalent of the 1950s booth. With a relaxed feel and an outdoor appeal – thanks to all that exposed wood – these benches add a light touch to your commercial interior. They also prove to be a nice modern eco touch.

Grand back booths

For the ultimate in luxury seating, these impressive grand back booths are perfect for intimate restaurant dining. They provide a sense of secrecy while, at the same time, providing ambience from the environment as a whole. These are twice as high as our standard booth and which in itself adds an inviting elegance to your room. Super for restaurants and night clubs.

Plain back seating

Sometimes the simple designs are the best – especially if you happen to be looking for a sophisticated style for your interior. Plain back seating is also ideal if the design of your room is aimed at diverting the focus to a prized feature such as the dramatic bar area or a fantastic water feature in the centre of a restaurant, for instance.

They continue to out-do their last shops with even greater creative contemporary ideas with their team of skilled craftsmen.

Stuart Crichton

Managing Director, Dr Noodles

Great job done! Not only did they do their work to a high standard, they did it with a smile on their faces, inspiring confidence all the while they tore apart our building to rebuild. The final result is excellent and we can’t praise them enough for all their expertise.

Denise Gardiner

Domestic Customer

A fantastic job by all the team at SteamPunk Fit Out from design through to installation… Nailed it!

Simon and Dr. Julia Langford

Owners, Tay Medispa

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