5 Reasons an Office Fit Out and Refurbishment is more than just Cosmetic


Is your company in need of an office fit out? One way to tell is by doing a quick check on your staff morale. Are your employees buzzing about coming in to work most days, for instance? Do they appear chilled in one another’s company and is there a friendly, competitive ethos going around the office? If so, you’re pretty much sorted.

If, on the other hand, those same employees are so unmotivated that they practically drag themselves in to work most days, no-one can ever be bothered to arrange a work night out and worse – there’s a culture of backstabbing – then it’s definitely time to consider overhauling the look of your office. And we’d advise doing so sooner rather than later.

Why? Because an office fit out can do more for a business than make your office look good. No office refurbishment project is ever just about having a cool set of desks and matching ergonomic chairs and painting the walls in the latest must-have Pantone colour shade. No, the benefits a contemporary refurbished office can bring to a business – regardless of which sector it is operating in – go far deeper than merely cosmetic. There are also psychological, emotional and perceptive alterations. And here are some of those added benefits right here:


1. Increases office productivity

What company doesn’t want to be able to deliver more than they currently are right now – especially if that means not having to compromise on quality? The reason a good office fit out can benefit productivity is because if staff feel comfortable in their job, chances are they will also be happier, more content and work at a higher standard.

Who can do their best work when the chair they’re sitting on gives them a sore back, for instance? Or when it’s practically impossible to consult on projects with colleagues from other teams because there simply aren’t enough private meeting rooms to go round? Then again, those artificial lights you have had for a number of years now can be pretty draining – both psychologically and physically – if you regularly have to sit under them seven hours a day.


2. Improves employee health

Ergonomic furniture. Providing ergonomic seating won’t just ensure your staff are happier, but it will probably also mean they will take fewer days off work with a sore back or related injury. Stand up desks are believed to be better for long-term employee health (especially for those who spend hours desk-bound), while yoga balls have been proven to strengthen the lower back area. An added bonus is that staff will appreciate your concern about their health and well-being.

More natural light. By the same token, introduce more natural daylight into the office via an office refurbishment and, Studies have shown, your staff will actually sleep better (they’ll also get an average of 46 minutes more sleep a night compared to workers without daytime exposure to natural light). This in turn means that when your employees do come in to work the next day they will be in a much better mood. Better still, they will be more likely to concentrate and focus on their work more.

Providing greenery. Introducing greenery too, in the form of plants, can have a positive effect on the mental state of your employees – as well as improve the air they’re breathing in. That’s because plants absorb carbon dioxide, as well as chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene, allowing us to breathe better.

And there’s more… a 2014 study by the University of Exeter showed that productivity in a previously ‘lean’ work environment increased by 15 per cent when one plant was introduced every square meter to the extent it even helped with memory retention.

What was key to the study, researcher Dr Chris Knight said, was that everyone in the office could view a plant while sitting at their desk. He concluded: “If you are working in an environment where there’s something to get you psychologically engaged you are happier and you work better.”


Office refurbishment

Office fit out completed by us for a card processing company in Edinburgh


3. Reinforces your brand identity

Are you a forward-thinking, go-ahead company which sees itself as innovative and disruptive? Then you’ll want a bright, shiny, new office to reflect this – one that’s not afraid to be different from others in its sector (think Google with its slides).

Then again, if you happen to be a firm with an extremely eco-friendly vibe you’ll be looking for a low-energy environment with plenty of plants, bamboo and recycled wood and furnishings with natural daylight flooding in (in other words, you’ll want to practice what you preach).

And remember – it’s not just your staff who will see your office interior. The odd client will no doubt also want to have a look before deciding whether or not you’re the right firm for them to commission.


4. Improves staff recruitment and retention

And talking of environmentally-friendly, many millennials these days are very much embracing the concept of sustainability – to the extent they may not want to work in an office where the coffee machine continually spills out plastic cups and there are no decent recycling facilities.

These are the employees of the future and certainly, the ones who are more familiar with technology. As such, it’s not a good idea to put them off working for your company – especially if you have a heavy reliance on IT (and who doesn’t nowadays?).


5. Save the business money

An eco-friendly office fit out with improved insulation and even the adoption of solar power, less reliance on overhead lighting and regularly updated technology will definitely save your business money in the long run. In the case of the former this will be evidenced in your ongoing utility bills while more efficient technology will not only ensure the job gets done quickly, but lessens the chances of machinery breaking down and staff becoming frustrated, angry and de-motivated as a result (and which in turn will have a detrimental effect on productivity).

In conclusion…

It’s clear then that the impact of an office refurbishment really cannot be over-stated. A dull, uncomfortable, old-fashioned and uninspiring office will definitely affect the mood and morale of your employees, as well as dampen individual creativity.

Contemporary office design introduces the concept of modular furniture which can be moved around to create, for instance an impromptu meeting space, or a ‘three-desk etc collaboration for an informal brainstorming session.’ This ‘flexibility of furniture’ isn’t only convenient but it also gives the office a more dynamic feel – which is definitely no bad thing.

Many offices are also being designed with specific social spaces where staff can get together to socialise in the office – or even just ‘chill’ by themselves – so that there is a clear break between work and rest (or ‘play’ in the form of Google’s table tennis rooms).

Make your office more efficient and productive today

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