Here at Steampunk we’re into office fit out so it’s literally our job to keep up with new office furniture trends – although it’s hardly a hardship. Right now, there are some fantastic, super-contemporary pieces out there which we love, and reckon you will probably prove quite fond of them too.

So, if you are looking to undertake an office refurb sometime soon, or even if you just want to spend an enjoyable five or ten minutes pouring over some super new office design pieces, then take a read through this article. In it we have featured some of our own personal favourites – see if they turn out to make it on your ‘must have office furniture’ list too:


Bench Sofa

This bench sofa isn’t just colourful and a great shape – thanks to its high and low backed design, but it’s also up-to-date and takes up very little space. This makes it perfect for small reception areas. There is a choice of more than 100 different colours (so it’s bound to go with most colour schemes we’d have thought). The frame itself is a neutral steel grey. If you fancy a change you can reupholster it in a different colour or add on a smart side table. It can put up with a lot of wear and tear and comes with a five-year guarantee.


Bench table and seating

Sticking with the minimalist bench idea, this conference table and seating is just the ticket for meetings in a modern environment. Called the Cheek bench table, it’s constructed using 30mm of thick plywood with a detailed edge and coloured laminate surface. These modern seats certainly look terrific with the table, but there’s also the possibility of matching it with long or short bench seating too, if preferred.


Aircone panels

Sound absorbers are pretty much an essential piece of furniture for most offices these days. And, if that absorber can also be used as a trendy room divider as well, then even better! This Scandinavian designed Aircone panel is an excellent example of exactly what we’re talking about. Consisting of moulded panels of felt which can then be laminated with textiles, the Aircone panel can be wall mounted or ceiling fixed (on a rail to allow it be pulled forward then pushed back in when not needed). It comes in up to nine different modern colours, in addition to a reassuringly long five-year warranty.


Viggo desk

An Italian design, we love the clean lines and cheery colours of the Viggo desk. The minimalist style frame is constructed from aluminium and is available in either white or chrome. And there is also a selection to be made too when it comes to the desk top. It can be purchased in a range of bright, eye-catching colours (such as the red above) and white – or why not select a range of various coloured desk tops? All are glass topped – either clear or frosted – and provide a sleek look for your office space.


Modular storage

They’ve always been impressive when it comes to furnishing the home and happily, much-loved Danish company Knoll have the same high standards in design and quality when it comes to commercial furniture. Take the Rockwell Unscripted modular storage system  for starters. Great to look at and easy to build and adapt, it consists of shelves, baskets, coat racks and cabinets which can all be removed and built up depending on the space available. You can choose from shelves in a wooden veneer or bright laminate while the frames are all made from steel and painted. Customised and highly practical storage which has a contemporary and attractive appeal too.


Meeting pod

It’s certainly not at the lower end of the price scale for office furniture, but the Orangebox Airea 110 round meeting pod would certainly give your office lots of design credibility – as well as a smart private area for confidential meetings or when quiet concentration is required. This small to medium sized pod has a height of 2200mm, width of 2800mm and is 2950mm deep. It comfortably seats four individuals with room for a small desk in the centre of the pod. It’s built using fabric and clear panels, with three power sockets. Meeting pods really have become the contemporary ‘must have’ for large open-plan offices.


Reception lighting

The stunning framework and pyramid-shaped suspended pendant is a real talking point for any office reception area – and will keep visitors happy looking at it while they wait! Actually, this contemporary pendant design is smart, interesting and upmarket enough to use in a residential setting too. Employing LED bulbs, the light is extremely eco-friendly and it is less costly to maintain than traditional or fluorescent lighting. Produced from black painted aluminium and formed into an attractive 3D rectangular shape, it’s great for a minimalist or industrial design styled reception area in your office.


Lounge chairs

Still looking at ideas for the office reception area, we love this upholstered Emily Chair.  It’s perfect for the young, modern office thanks to its undeniably fun, colourful and contemporary appearance. Not only that, but its fab shape would look great in a lounge or break-out area in the office too. This is definitely also a bright and cheery chair to have sitting beside a reception desk. As you might hope, this chair is available in a variety of different colours – so chances are it would co-ordinate with your existing scheme or you could redecorate and use the chair as a bright accent colour. There are also three different base styles to choose from – in either chrome or wood. We’re big fans of the purple and teal shades in particular.


Breakout seating

For something a little less pricey these Lago stools are a great way of brightening up reception or the office, while providing plenty of comfort at the same time. Handcrafted and quirky they’re upholstered in many different colours such as electric blue, lime green and buttercup yellow. Mix and match and use as a footrest as well as for seating.

These are just some of our favourite furniture selections. We’ve lots more but we don’t want to keep you back from all that office work. Meanwhile, if you’re considering an office refit then do get in touch with us here at Steampunk for a free consultation. We’d love to come and have a chat! See our website for details or call us on 0800 197 2922.